Our Services



Training: We provide our farmers with comprehensive training that teaches them they need to know about growing fresh wholesome food for themselves and their community using our system.

Access to our portal: Our farmers have access to our online portal where there are many troubleshooting and training videos along with tips, FAQs, etc. They may also use it to connect with other farmers.

Distribution: We can organize the distribution of the fish and plants if you choose not to keep them all.


Fish: We provide the fish, at wholesale prices, needed for the system and at the end of the season our farmers will have the option of keeping them, selling them with us, or a mix of both. 

Feed and Nutrients: We provide high quality fish feed and hydroponic nutrients at wholesale prices to our customers.


Online Monitoring: We monitor our farmers' systems through third party IoT sensors. This way we are able to detect if something is wrong before it becomes a problem.

Troubleshooting Solutions: We will be available for video call, phone calls, or email in case one of our farmers needs to discuss anything with us.

Farm Health Checks: We come and visit our Farmers three times a year to see how they, the fish, and the plants are getting along. 

Call outs: Our farmers can call us and we will go check their system. Anytime.