Together we grow

ARC Farms manufactures Aquaponics Systems, supported by services, that helps organisations grow their own food sustainably.


Aquaponics & Hydroponics


We believe that urban farming shouldn't require large amounts of time, money, knowledge or labour. 


ARC Farms makes supported micro vertical farms, allowing novices to participate in decentralized urban agriculture networks, regardless of their previous experience, space or capital. By providing monitoring, training and logistical support, we believe anyone can become an urban farmer.  

ARC System

The ARC system is your efficient & sustainable food production machine.

We've created a micro vertical farm that can fit in your backyard, roof, or just about anywhere!

It can grow 240 plants and 60kg of fish.

Using IoT sensors you can monitor your system remotely to ensure everything is working how it should.

With our services we can help you learn about aquaponics, manage the system, and distribute any surplus food or fish you have.

Become one of our urban farmers and grow fresh nutritious food!


ARC Services

We believe that the way to form  long-lasting relationships with our customers is through mutual benefits.


Our customers can choose whichever support services they need.


ARC System



Access to our online portal

Distribution network



Feed and Nutrients


Starter Plugs

Bespoke Design


Online Monitoring

Troubleshooting Solutions

Farm Health Checks

Call Outs


About Us

ARC Farms was founded in 2018. We spent our first year building several versions of our first prototype in Mexico. Following the development of our ARC System, we moved from Mexico to Berlin, to set up our pilot site in order to understand the best way to train novices in urban farming, and to continue improving our system.  


We are currently building our pilot site and are looking forward to growing, ourselves, plants, and fish.





We are currently participating in the Feeding the City program.

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Meet The Team

Oliver Hall

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Co Founder - Technology

Ollie has previously worked in a vertical aquaponics farm

Julie Apel

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Co Founder - Community

Jules has worked in events planning and is studying horticulture

Ian Mitchell

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Co Founder - Operations

Ian worked as a Business Analyst for an Operations Consulting firm